Hybrid State-Of-Health Check & Diagnosis

Failure at the Electric Drive Motor and Generator Motor (MGU) sub-system level can be due to a number of causes – deterioration over time, the owner’s drive cycle, maintenance history, ambient temperature and climate, and terrain – and can manifest itself in the following ways:

  • Acceleration feels jerky from start
  • ‘Hunting’, the feeling of moving back and forth when stationary
  • Car simply won’t start (assuming battery and other systems are healthy)

The technical reasons for such failure can be attributed to the Electric Drive Motor (MG2) and Generator Motor (MG1) units.

The MG2 in HEVs is responsible for providing the majority of the torque (for example in a Toyota Prius) for vehicle propulsion during low speeds (0-40 kmph), while providing torque assists at mid and high speeds.

On the other hand, the MG1 Unit is responsible for generating electricity needed for the electric drive motor (MG1), and for storing energy needed for the recharging of the HEV’s battery.

Hybrid Hub’s diagnostic tool allow our technicians to narrow down the SOH of these two critical units to determine if the cause of failure is an occurrence of catastrophic event in MG1 and MG2 units or if these units have reached their End-of-Life (EOL).

The tool, the Motor Circuit Analyser (MCA), is a patent-pending diagnostic unit developed and manufactured in the USA. It counts OEM engineers as its most ardent users, helping them test, analyse and diagnose HEV systems. It is the only HEV diagnostics tool in the world to test rotor and stator health of MGUs in HEV vehicles without the need to rotate the rotors.

The MCA tool can analyse and diagnose any 3-phase motor-generator unit on HEVs as well as accurately test electric transmissions and electric air conditioning compressors.

Once the SOH diagnostics are complete, Hybrid Hub will generate SOH test reports for the customer’s reference. The SOH report gives customers an accurate overview of their vehicles’ health in relation to the different sub-systems that work together to make a HEV run.

A key feature of the SOH Test Report is its predictive capability. The MCA’s test data allow customers to predict what motor issues can arise in the short, mid and long-terms, giving them the peace of mind and freedom necessary to address any festering issues.

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