Hybrid-Grade Maintenance Services & Diagnostics – bk

We offer the following general diagnostics and maintenance services designed to restore peace of mind to hybrid vehicle owners.

Periodic Oil Maintenance @ 5,000 km

With guaranteed service times – Going beyond mere oil change, Hybrid Hub will offer preventive maintenance as required, including oil and filter change, multiple diagnostic reports, auxiliary battery test, tire rotation, wash and vacuum – all that in 90 minutes guaranteed.

Periodic Engine Tune Up Service @ 20,000 km

Restoring power, efficiency and smoothness to a hybrid vehicle

  • Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning with status report
  • Spark Plug inspection & replacement

General Diagnostics & Repairs

Fuel Filter Change

Air Filter Inspection & Change

Air Conditioner Filter Inspection & Change

Radiator Coolant Inspection, Top-Up/Change

Transmission Fluid Change

Differential Fluid Change

Brake Fluid Testing, Top-Up/Change

Brake System Inspection Front/Rear

Wash & Vacuum

Tyre Rotation, Tyre depth and wear analysis & Re-pressure

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