Hybrid Vehicle Electrical & Mechanical Repairs

Wear and tear is an inevitability of owning and running a vehicle. Hybrid vehicles are no different – but the difference lies in how such issues are identified and treated. Because of their primarily electrical and electronic on-board systems in HEVs, these vehicles produce issues that go well under the radar of unqualified technicians and mechanics – an issue that is further exacerbated by the lack of purpose-built diagnostic tools in conventional garages.

In HEVs, such issues usually manifest themselves in the form of error indicators on the dashboard – these errors are a result of the system performing internal checks in relation to the vehicle’s’ subsystems.

Some of the common issues experienced by hybrid owners may include the following:

  • Car not entering EV mode
  • ECO or EV mode isn’t engaging even when buttons are pressed
  • Malfunctioning AUTO start-stop
  • Rattling noise/excessive vibrations from the engine
  • The brake pedals produce an abnormal noise when engaged while driving
  • Low pulling power/acceleration
  • Power side mirrors are not working/folding
  • Inefficient air condition cooling system

The good news is that the qualified technicians at Edirisinghe Brothers’ Hybrid Hub combined with world-class proprietary diagnostics tools can pinpoint and diagnose such niggling mechanical, electrical or electronic issues.

The better news for HEV owners is that when you bring your vehicle to Hybrid Hub for our premier services – whether Hybrid-Grade Maintenance Services & Diagnostics or Testing, Conditioning and Rebuilding of the battery or Hybrid State-of-Health – our proprietary diagnostics tools will highlight such issues and our technicians can address them during the course of the visit.

Hybrid Vehicle Air Conditioning Servicing & Repairs

When was your car A/C System last serviced?
An A/C needs regular attention to be sure it’s operating at its highest efficiency.

Periodic A/C system service is the answer and it is convenient and quite simple with Edirisinghe Brothers’ Hybrid Hub. We can professionally check and service your Hybrid vehicle’s air conditioner during your regular periodic maintenance (oil change) service – All Under One Roof!

Don’t delay and put up with a low cooling A/C in this scorching heat of ours in Sri Lanka as your current service station may not be equipped to professionally service and repair a Hybrid Air Conditioner.

  • Remember that you need an A/C system service to increase your A/Cs cooling to its intended levels.
  • Hybrid Hub performs real A/C temperature inspection, showing actual temperature readings on an instrument before and after Hybrid Hub’s A/C Service. (Let the guesswork out and let the expertise in!)
  • Save & increase your Hybrid’s internal A/C component lifespan & save money by avoiding costly early replacement.
  • Hybrid Hub also meticulously checks A/C system leaks before your device loses all refrigerant.

Remember periodic and preventive maintenance on your hybrid’s A/C system especially if it has done very high mileage will help you to avoid unwanted and expensive A/C repairs.


Hybrid Vehicle Air Conditioning Refresh Air Service

If your hybrid vehicle is emitting unpleasant odours from the A/C, you need to visit Edirisinghe Brothers’ Hybrid Hub to get your A/C checked.

At our facility we provide an A/C Fresh Active and A/C Disinfectant Service.


This service:

Prevention is better than a cure. And breathing fresh air trumps inhaling unpleasant odours!

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