Our Partners

Quarto Technical Services (QTS) (USA)

The proprietary technology at the heart of Hybrid Hub’s high voltage battery testing, balancing, conditioning and rebuilding was developed by Dr. Mark Quarto and his team at QTS based in Washington, USA.

Dr. Quarto currently serves as the CTO and Founder of QTS focusing on design and development of vehicle electrification (VE) hardware, software, technical training, among other solutions. During his 28 year tenure at General Motors (GM), he served as the Global Advanced Engineering Group Manager for HEV, EV, and Fuel Cell Technologies. His leadership and oversight included the development of Control and Diagnostics Systems for the Chevrolet Volt, Fuel Cell, Two-Mode Hybrid, Parallel Hybrid Truck (PHT), EV1 Electric Vehicle, S10 Electric Truck, and Alternative Fuel Systems Programmes. Other career roles have included Curriculum design, development and, technical training.

With over 30 years’ VE experience, QTS is positioned as a leader in HEV battery diagnostic technology. Its comprehensive and effective approach to servicing, maintaining, and rebuilding HV Batteries has been proven as a solid and trusted solution by automotive businesses worldwide.

Growth Dynamics (Singapore)



Growth Dynamics was appointed as QTS’s master franchisor for its hybrid technologies in international markets in the Asia Pacific region. The company’s remit will include providing support, training and proprietary equipment to its franchisees in the Asia Pacific region.

EBL Hybrid Hub is currently the second facility in Asia to provide QTS’s cutting-edge services to hybrid vehicle owners.

Optima Werkz (Singapore)



Optima Werkz is Singapore’s most renowned automotive engineering workshop. Throughout their history, they’ve earned a reputation as the country’s preferred one stop workshop for Continental, Asian vehicles and supercars.  Optima Werkz provides technical expertise, support and training to Hybrid Hub in the following areas:

  • Car Maintenance Services
  • Engine Repairs & Overhaul
  • Electronics & Diagnostics Programming
  • ECU Tuning for Better Power & Drivability
  • Auto Transmission Repairs & Overhaul
  • Exhaust System
  • Brakes System
  • Suspension
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